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Ski Touring

Lac patinoirePralognan-la-Vanoise is one of the most beautiful places in France for ski touring. To get started or to perfect your technique, ask one of our professional guides who will have a perfect knowledge of the mountain.

Pralognan Guides




Before you start, you must:

  • Consult the weather forecast and the avalanche risk bulletin (BRA) and if possible, do not go out alone.
  • Equip yourself with a functioning avalanche victims detector (DVA), a shovel and a pole.
  • Take warm clothes for the summit and the descent.
  • Make sure you have things to eat and drink.

ArolletsIf you wish to find out the snow conditions, please do not hesitate to ask the ski patrollers at the Glières or Bochor safety posts.


Access to the unsecured high mountain area via the Edelweiss and Génépi ski lifts: € 9.40

Tel: 04 79 08 70 07



Ski touring material available for hire in the resort’s shops. List of shops: www.pralognan.com

Beware, danger!

Access to the skiing area outside of the opening hours is forbidden by municipal order N°2013-01 of 02/12/13
Les pistes sont damées au moyen d’engins de damage dont un est équipé d’un treuil. La collision avec le câble du treuil ou une dameuse peut  présenter un risque mortel.

The slopes are packed down using snow plough engines, of which one is equipped with a winch. Collision with the winch cable or a snow plough could be fatal.

The mountain poses a number of dangers and so it should be treated responsibly. The information this page contains is given as a guide and should be treated as such. The information stated on the site should be followed in all circumstances. You are using a delicate natural environment, so we ask you to take care of it.”